Stock Market Secrets - The Complete Guide

 Trading Strategies, secrets that pro-traders don't want to tell you
Trading strategies that make sense! We show you how to make real money by buying and selling in a cool and controlled manner. This comprehensive section includes: The must-have pre-trade checklist, detecting adverse volume conditions, short-term targeted trades, top and bottom techniques, how and when to take profits, and how not to get 'stuck' with stocks. We also show you when to sell (and why no one is willing to tell you), how to cut losses without a second thought and how to quickly build confidence in your trading ability. There are plenty of money making opportunities but spotting them before everybody else is the real trick!. This section also includes special information to identify and profit from bid potentials, reverse-takeovers, IPO's, cash shells and venture capital stocks. The key to successful trading is being able to read the markets. We show you subtle signs that really can give you the edge. 
Market makers (mm's) - the mysteries uncovered...
The actions and tactics of market makers seem to be the root of much guesswork, even animosity, yet knowing how market makers work can be a key part of your trading success. We show you all the inside facts: Spread setting, spread widening and narrowing, walking up and down prices, spread staggering, 'tree shaking', price momentum, when mm's can refuse to trade, mark ups and mark-downs (gaps) at market open, market makers stock holdings and obligations, realtime data and news flow. This inside knowledge can help you maximize profits and avoid costly mistakes.
  Trading High volatility / high risk and recovery stocks.
It seems that everyone is trying to find the next stock that will rocket 20% or 30% in a matter of hours, and indeed every day you will likely see some stock or other that does just that. If only you knew before hand!. With this in mind we show you valuable strategies to pick and successfully trade highly volatile stocks, speculative stocks, against-the-odds recovery stocks, and high-risk low cap stocks without getting burned. This very interesting section includes: The price of uncertainty, identifying breakouts and sharp sell-offs before they happen, supply and demand profiling, valuation techniques, making money from a pump-and-dump, calculating when profit-taking might occur, market maker tactics in regard to volatile stocks.
 Technical Analysis - from the basics to the advanced - its all here
Technical analysis and 'charting' jargon seems to be all around - but what does it all mean, and equally, does it actually factor enough in the real world for you to be to be bothered about it. We show you everything you need to know in plain English - from simple resistances, supports and moving averages, to double tops, bollinger bands, RSI and stochastics. Then we take a look at their role and reliability. Charting for short term trends, priority of charting in your decision to buy or sell, discounting news, evaluating reliability of historic data. Understanding when to use technical analysis, and when not to.
 Shorting and Options,...making money when all are losing!
Options and short selling strategies are two ways to make money from falling stocks, and in the case of options trading, gain control of much more stock than you could buy. Yet these trading methods are seldom used by retail investors. We provide a complete guide to successful and risk-minimized short-selling and options trading. From your first option trade to complex option strategies: straddles, strangles, bull spreads and more. Other valuable tips include: Identifying predictable short selling opportunities, using combination trades to hedge, margin/risk evaluation, stop loss strategies, trade size optimization, time valuations, and a full resource centre of on-line options brokers.
 Newspaper tips, Bulletin Boards & investment publications
You may have noticed that newspaper articles, rumours and other 'tips' are often responsible for dramatic moves in share prices, creating many trading opportunities. We show you how to take advantage of these circumstances. This sizeable section is a real eye-opener. The main areas cover: News flow to market makers, trading weekday and weekend press tips, taking a position before a news release, the value of TV interviews, internet tipsites and bbs, trading on rumours, and a special section on bulletin board traps. We show you when to trade on tips and when not to.
 Huge and continually updated resource center
Whether you are in the US, UK, Europe or Asia, we show you valuable resources that can improve your trading and maximize profits. Free and chargeable realtime data sites, newspaper and investment publications, online share dealing services, intraday and long-term charting sites, investor relations sites, investment software and quote systems, bulletin boards, stock exchanges, overseas trading, comprehensive reference of financial terms and definitions. Plus valuable trading info: IPO's, AGM's, EGM's, where you stand in the event of bankruptcies, suspensions and halted shares, rights issues, delistings, mergers, the complete guide to fundamental analysis and much more.

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